Q. What is Cafe C5? A. A restaurant that features upscale Southwestern fare and food from scratch. We originally opened in 2015 under the name Curbside on 5th. We continued to grow and changed our name in 2018 to C5 Cafe. In 2019 We moved from the small building we started to our current location with sit down dining.

Q. What does the C5 mean in C5 Cafe? A. It was a long standing tag line for our original name Curbside on 5th. Now it has many meanings. C is for Craveable now. 5 is the original street we were on 5th avenue. Now it is for the 5 ways we strive to bring you a memorable culinary experience.

Q. Can I call in an order and pick it up that day? A. take out order can be filled by ordering on line, or by walking up and ordering at the order counter. We prefer on-line order over call in orders because we are busy making you the craveable food you love.

Q. Can I order my food in advance? A. Using the online ordering portal you can make an advance order for takeout orders. Orders can be placed up to nine days in advance. Orders for dine in can be placed in advance. But to preserve the quality of the food and dining experience we will wait to begin cooking until you enter the building and have a table available to dining at.

Q. How long does the food take to cook? A. The answer depends on what item you order and how busy we are a the time with other orders. On average when we are moderately busy the orders take 10-15 minutes from the time you order to the time we serve it to you. Sometimes it can take up to 20 minutes if we are busy. If you are in a hurry tell your server and ask them what we can make fast. We can have our wraps or salads to you as fast as 5 minutes. 

Q. Do you have any items that are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, grain free, etc.? A. Yes there are options to fill every diet. We are excited to customize any entrée to your specified diet. We are diligent about making your food in a safe way. We have separate cooking tools and surfaces for Gluten Free items.  Our only fryer is also Gluten Free. For Vegan diets we carry a vegan mayo option, Diaya Cheese, and Soy Milk for sauces. 

Q. When are you open? A. We are open Tuesday through Saturday. You can find our hours in many places including our web site and facebook. We are not open on Sundays or Mondays. Additionally, we close three separate weeks per year to give our staff time off throughout the year. Yes, once form Christmas though the first week of the new year, Once for our C5 anniversary in the middle of August, and once to take our team somewhere fun to celebrate having them and thank them for thier hard work though the year.