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Hello, I am Devin Marshall the owner and chef at Café C5. I need your help. We have experienced incredible growth over the first three years. We experienced growth of 20% over prior years. That stopped the week the hotel began being built. Since that week we have experienced losses of over 50%. When it is finished it will be beautiful and bring many customers to us. But it won’t be finished until the middle to end of next year.

We have the opportunity to move into another downtown building. That building will have indoor dinning. In this new building we will be able to bring you a larger variety of menu items. We will have more desserts, add appetizers, provide sides to go with every sandwich. Salad or soup will accompany all entrees. There will be a private dining room available. We will have beer and wine added to our menu. We will bring you all this while also being able to reduce our prices.

Can you help us? I love that we have been a popular stop for Ellensburg to enjoy lunch or dinner. Your love of us has helped us grow over the last three years. Please help us. Your Donation or Gift Certificate purchase will help us successfully open the type of restaurant you want. Watch the video below and click on a donation or purchase link. I will be in contact with you soon to let you know the progress and information about the location.
– Devin-

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